We are here to help you find the perfect entertainment for your event. We only use top class bands and some of  the best professional musicians in the UK. We will work directly with you to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding, party or corporate event and make it a night to remember for you and all your guests.

Check out our amazing bands and find your perfect entertainment for:

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Charity Fundraisers


  • How do I make a booking?
    • To secure a confirmed booking we will require a deposit of between £200 and £800 depending on the full cost of the band. This can be paid either by cheque or BACS. We will send you an invoice with all payment details if you decide to go ahead with a booking.
  • When do I need to make the full payment?
    • Full payment can be made anytime up to 2 weeks before your event. Please note that we require full payment BEFORE the event.
  • What time will the band arrive and play?
    • For evening bookings our bands usually arrive at 6pm. This usually allows enough time to be set up by 7.30pm but this his can be altered to suit your event. The first set is usually around 9pm - we find that guests prefer to meet, eat, drink and relax a little before they dance. The 2nd set is usually around 10.30pm. All our bands offer background music during the interval as a standard service.

      NB - ALL of the above timings are only suggestions based on our experience so far but can be easily tailored to your event.
  • What else can you provide?
    • Many of our bands offer additional "add-on" services that often make your event better, cheaper and easier to plan! The most popular services are:
      • DJ option
      • Extra set
      • Extra musicians
      • Lighting upgrade
      • Reception/dinner music with a duo/trio
      Please ask for further details when enquiring.
  • What will the band require?
      • Power Supply
        Up to 13 amps of electrical current, which is a typical household circuit. Most bands can run from a single plug socket, presuming no other electrical items are on this circuit. However if available, it is preferable to split equipment across two circuits. Your band can provide extension cables etc.

      • Performance Area
        This depends on the size of your band. This information will be at the bottom of your quote.
        PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS ESSENTIAL - please do check with your venue.

      • Changing Facilities
        Somewhere to change comfortably would be appreciated and it helps if there is a mirror, electricity supply. If possible the changing room should be secure so that the band can leave their clothes, bags/cases etc. in there. It’s not a deal breaker if this is not possible but please do let us know in advance if there’s nothing available.

      • Food & Drink
        It is customary to provide hot food and soft drinks for all band members wherever possible. Please ensure your hotel or catering staff are aware that the band needs to be catered for. For daytime musicians soft drinks & tea/coffee is usually fine.

      • Free Parking
        For all band members.
  • What will the venue need?
    • Some venues ask for Public Liability Insurance & PAT Test Certification. All our acts can provide this.

      HOWEVER, it's probably best NOT to mention these to the venue. It will only create more work for yourself! Some venues don't ask but if they do then you know we've got it covered!
  • Can we see a band's set list?
    • Yes we can send you the current set list and full repertoire upon request.
  • Can we pick what we want the band to play?
    • All our acts have great set lists that work well as they've been honed over the years to ensure filled dance floors. This works due to tempo, style and key - if we start to tinker with this then it probably won't work as well. However, if you really love or hate certain songs then of course we will make some changes for you.
  • Can the band just do one set?
    • Yes of course! However, this does not affect the price as it still means that the act are effectively unavailable for other work on that date.
  • Can we come and see them perform live?
    • Sometimes this is possible yes. Most of our acts perform at weddings and corporate events so they cannot invite along prospective clients to watch. However, some of our acts do have the occasional public concert so it’s always worth asking!
  • How do I cancel a booking?
    • Unfortunately, some clients need to cancel a booking due to unforeseen circumstances. We will ALWAYS be sympathetic to this so please be assured that if you need to cancel a booking we will do our utmost to accommodate you. We do, however, have terms and conditions relating to the payment schedule and these can be found on your invoice. If the booking needs to be re-arranged rather than cancelled we can usually carry across any payments to the new event on the assumption that all details are the same (and the band has availability). We know that cancelling or re-arranging your event isn’t ideal and we’ll work with you to keep it as seamless as possible. Please see our T’s and C’s for more info.

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